This Pakistani’s Birthday Wish to Her Husband Featured 40+ Countries

When love makes you go places.

A Pakistani woman Neha has ‘redefined’ the way we look at long distance relationships. She recently got married, and her husband Hammad, who lives in the US, had his birthday coming up.

Neha is currently in Pakistan, and she felt that a mere birthday present wasn’t going to cut it in this instance.

With his very first post-wedding birthday fast approaching, Neha went all out to make the occasion special. She compiled notes of love from people belonging to 40+ cities. And in order to accomplish this feat, she turned to friends from all around the world via social media.

Her friends were only too happy to oblige as they sent cute, little notes back to her. Each note was unique, and served to drive home the fact that Neha loves her husband very much.

You can check out some of the notes here:

If you are wondering how Neha was able to enlist the help of people from so many destinations, she mentions that these are friends she made during an exchange program in Italy.

Luckily, I went to Italy for an exchange program a few years back, where I made some amazing friends belonging to different countries. I reached out to them, and they were kind enough to help me collect birthday wishes for Hammad from all over the world.

As for Hammad, whose birthday falls on 1st January, he was pleasantly surprised to see all these messages. He was asked to name all the countries these notes

You can check out all the notes at Neha’s Facebook post here.


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