5 Best Dressed Moments of Minal Khan in Jalan [Pictures]

which one is your favorite?


While the infamous drama serial Jalan finally marked its last episode, but the people’s obsession with it  doesn’t seem to end. For instance, Minal Khan fans are still digging the lovely dresses carried by the main lead, ‘Nisha’. Given that Minal Khan was the central character in the series, she had some of the best outfits in the serial.


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Here’s a look back at some of the actress’s best dressed moments in Jalan.

This velvet number is befitting for a reminder of what went down in the last episode. Ox-blood is the perfect shade for the ending smeared in blood and tears.


If looks could kill, this painted images of innocence will take the cake. In the serial Nisha’s looks really did kill.



When Asfandyar picked Nisha over Misha…. that cute red and white dress will forever be etched into our memory.


When Nisha’s intentions were as clear as day, and as wicked as a dark night. Coincidentally the controversial scenes that got the show banned also included a black and white dress.


The wedding outfit, around the time Nisha only admired Asfandyar and wasn’t intent on ‘stealing him’.


Incase you liked some of Nisha’s other looks from pivotal moments in the series, here’s a fan-made list of a key look from each episode.



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Which of these looks is your favorite. Lets us know in the comments below.

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