5 Key Takeaways from the Avengers: Endgame Trailer

From Stark to Scott, we’ve got questions!

So we’ve all seen the Avengers: Endgame trailer for maybe the millionth time by now. But now we want to know more.

We take a look at 5 key takeaways from the trailer that give us a glimpse at what’s coming next for Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Stark in Space

The trailer starts off with Tony Stark and Nebula stuck in space aboard the Benatar, the Guardians of the Galaxy ship and its not a pretty look. We see a resigned Stark recording what seems to be his last message.

Now we don’t know whose gonna save them but we also know that the entirety of the film can’t go without Stark. He’s the freaking Iron Man after all.

This brings us to the next question – whose gonna rescue them?? Well there’s is the possibility that maybe its Pepper.


Back in October, a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow in an Iron Suit was making rounds on social media. So if Pepper is suited up for Avengers 4, then she might be the one to save Tony first. Or this may just be one big misdirection by the Russo brothers to throw us off their plans for the movie.


Where is Thanos?

Thanos teleported to a planet at the end of Avengers: Infinity War and we saw that he’s a ‘harmless’ farmer now. He even puts up his armor in the fields.

His scarecrow armor aside, the Mad Titan is still seen wearing the dreaded Infinity Gauntlet in the Avengers 4 trailer. His hand is still damaged from the last time he used the gauntlet but he’s still got the glove on.

Does that mean the Avengers have no chance against the colossal Titan? He did take down the Hulk after all.

Missing Troops

Now we know that half the universe’s population has been wiped out along with plenty of heroes. This fact is further underscored in the trailer as we see Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) looking at holograms of missing comrades. We see a picture of Scott Lang and Shuri. We also see Scott Lang’s hologram, and it seems that the Antman is presumed missing as well.

We know that’s a mistake but is Shuri really gone? Actress Angela Basset had earlier confirmed that both her character Queen Ramonda and Shuri survive Thanos’ snap, but this trailer says otherwise. The actress made this statement in an interview with Screenrant.

Lets see how Marvel Studios lets this one play out.


Speaking of Scott

Another takeaway from the trailer is that Scott is finally out of the Quantum Realm, where he was trapped at the end of Antman and the Wasp.

Now this is where it gets confusing. Janet, the original Wasp, had help from the outside to get out of the Quantum Realm. How does Scott pull this escape plan off by himself? Another thing to look forward to come April 2019.


We know he’s out and he has the lab van that was seen at the end of Antman and the Wasp. We also know that the Quantum tech will play an integral role in the Avengers’ plan to save the world from all that Thanos has wrought.

Captain America’s Plan

Cap’s got a plan and he even shaved for it. We know like with most Steve Rogers plans, the team is desperate and the plan is a last resort.

We see him looking a picture of Peggy in the trailer. No idea what that implies, but the fact that he’s wearing his Winter Solider era suit is what piqued our attention.

Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014) trailer (Screengrab)

Let us know what your theories are regarding Avengers: Endgame. We can’t wait for the movie to drop in next year.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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