5 Reasons Why Tasty Tea Biscuit Cups Can Work in Pakistan (and 5 Reasons They Can’t)

A simple yet delicious idea.

edible tea cups

What’s in a cup of tea? Well, if you ask us, there’s no such thing as desi culture without tea in the equation. Our days begin with a cup of warm tea and a chai biscuit. These snacks really are a part of our life and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Office cultures also somewhat revolve around tea where colleagues tend to have a lighthearted conversation over a cup (or two) at least twice a day. Needless to say, some of the most convenient hangout spots for guys are tea stalls or roadside dhabbas, also referred to as ‘hotel’ by some of us urban peeps.

However, one of the biggest issues regarding these dhabas is hygiene. One can never be completely sure if the cups or glasses in these spots are thoroughly washed. We also know that hundreds of people frequent these places every single day.

So what should be the solution for this? Selling tea in a disposable paper or plastic cup could be an option. However, it’s still not a good enough choice for the environment that we live in.

Thanks to the rising number of cafes all over the world, and the ‘coffee-to-go culture’, we are already struggling to control our usage of disposable cups and straws. We believe this is not a sustainable measure.

Are There Any Better Alternatives to Enjoying Tea?

Amidst this global crisis, a tea stall in India is giving us better options to not only enjoy our tea but also help the environment.

RS Pathy Nilgiri tea stall is selling tea in edible biscuit cups. Say what? That’s exactly what we thought at first. Tea so good that you eat it, teacup and all!

This is an idea that should also come to Pakistan. And it’s really not that costly. Apparently, the Indian tea stall sells these delicious chocolate flavored biscuit tea shots at the price of Rs 20.

They can hold hot tea for 10 minutes, which means you have to be quick before that biscuit cup becomes soggy and to save yourself from the dripping mess. But hey, you get your biscuit along with the tea, so it’s practically a win-win.

We know, we know. Biscuit shots are not a new thing. Some cafes in Pakistan sell coffee/hot chocolate in edible cookie cups and they are incredibly delicious. But they are also pricey and out of reach for most people.

An average person can not afford to have such delicacies at the price of Rs. 150-200 per cup. Considering the consumption (which is quite a lot) on a regular basis, the very enjoyable, economical, and convenient activity will become expensive and of course a headache. And that defeats the whole purpose of drinking them at roadside stalls, right?

We feel that these edible teacups can be sold for Rs. 25-35 per cup. What do you say?



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Pros of Edible Teacups

1. Say no to glass/paper/plastic cups

While these materials are readily available, they also have their own set of issues. Glass can break, plastic is bad for the environment, and paper cups just litter up the place.

But with edible cups, you can see those problems are as good as gone.

2. More income

Of course, there are a lot of food manufacturing companies that can make these tea biscuit cups in bulk quantity. Local vendors and bakers can also capitalize on this idea by making these tasty treats themselves, or buying them for their use.

3. Hygienic

No need to worry about dirty glasses because these edible cups don’t require any washing at all. You’re welcome!

4. More flavor

The edible teacups can come in a variety of flavors! Chocolate or vanilla, strawberry or mango, it will definitely enhance the flavor of the tea. For those who want something more saltish, we think our imaginations can take care of the rest.

5. Perfect for a post-corona world

Let’s face it. We are living in the time of coronavirus and we don’t know whether it will truly go away. However, what we do know for sure is that humans will adapt to the times. We have already become too conscious of touching alien things and of consuming food from outside.

This edible cup can take care of a lot of anxieties. People won’t have to worry about drinking from a cup that might have been used by hundreds of people in a day.


1. A hot mess

If you tend to enjoy your beverages slightly warmer or colder, this isn’t for you. These cups can only withstand the hot temperatures for a few minutes. After that, things get quite soggy and dripping.

These cups also have a preset thickness. You can’t make these biscuits too thick because that makes them very hard to chew on. The texture and thickness has to be exactly right.

2. Not everybody’s cup of tea

Like we said earlier, this isn’t a good idea for ‘thande loag.’ In fact, if you are in a group, chances are people will want to take their sweet time to get to the tea.

3. Not a friendly option for dhaba owners

The average Pakistani dhaba or hotel is not equipped with the facilities to make these biscuits, so this could end up being costly for them. They can however, source it from third party suppliers.

4. Perhaps, More Plastic Pollution?

These biscuits will need some sort of packaging to seal their freshness, and since the consumption rate is quite high, it might lead to more plastic pollution.

5. Perishable Product

Let’s be real over here. Biscuits are food and they are prone to getting spoilt. They can become soggy or soft even if they are exposed to a little bit of air and that can ruin everything, both for the consumer and the seller.

Also, most shops and workers order tea from nearby dhabas, so it would be difficult to get them delivered since they can break easily in the process.


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What are your thoughts on this? Are you in for a biscuit-y ride or would you prefer the same old glass/plastic/paper cups for your tea cravings? Let us know in the comments.


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