5 Things You Should Absolutely Do This Winter

This winter, its time to go back to the basics.

Winter is here and we need to make the most of it.

So here’s a couple of ideas that can make this chilly season a memorable one.

1. Grab a Good Book

While there is this general idea that you make a summer reading list, pulling out a good book any time of the year is a delight. Particularly, when the weather outside is frightful nothing beats cozying up to a heater, with a good book in hand.

December is actually when you should consider catching up on your reading lists. And while you’re at, brew yourself some hot chocolate to go with it.

2. Get In Touch with Nature

While the weather outside may be a little bit chilly, don’t let that cramp out on your adventurous spirit. For starters, it’s easier to hike in the cold, given how movement keeps you warm.

For those that would like to take it a step further, you can camp out in the cold. In fact, consider heading up to Swat to camp out. The Ministry of Touristy has even set up camping pods in Swat and two other places to aid campers that headed up to enjoy the scenic beauty. Prices of these pods are lower in the winters so make use of this season.

3. Bring out the Board Games

There’s no hard and fast rule that board games are just for the holiday season. Nothing like a board game to play away the rainy day blues.

Besides Ludo and chess, your board game options can vary from Monopoly to Trivial Pursuit.

Even card games are a great winter pastime. Given Poker Nights are a thing that usually happen after dark, that’s all the better for this season.

4. Explore Chai Places

Islamabad isn’t the best place when it comes to eating out, unlike Karachi or Lahore. However, it does have a bunch of good chai (tea) places for all budgets.

If you’re not a chai person and are just doing this cause its winter, you won’t be disappointed with Sattar Bakhsh or Chaye Khana. Qishmish also has pretty great chai.

For something more dramatic, head to Saidpur. The chai there is okay but the atmosphere is A-plus.

If you love chai in all its brews and forms, you might wanna head to Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean. That place has all assortments of chai and coffee, from the sugary stuff to the caffeine packed power brews.

For something refreshing there’s also bubble tea in Centaurus. Boboa also has all your chai, shake and comfort food requirements down.

5. Comfort Food for the Winter

Image Source: Naturally Rosy

Speaking of comfort food, halwa is a staple desi comfort food. While Gajar ka Halwa or Gajrela are standard choices, winter brings a whole of range of the sweet treat. We got Khajor ka Halwa (made with dates) to Apple Halwa (maybe just a Pindi thing but its very much real I assure you).

Halwa is definitely comfort food for the winter. Naturally we crave high fat foods in winters because the brain knows that fat will keep you warm.

For those who are looking for something not too sweet, Paya (goat or beef hooves cooked to a sticky stew) can warm your heart (and you).


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