9 Pakistani Celebs Who Became Parents In 2020 [Pictures]

These actors/actresses entered a new chapter in their lives.

2020 may not have been the best year for any of us, but interesting to say the least. From COVID-19 to lockdowns to cancelled events, no one seems to have a fond memory of 2020. However, for some, including Pakistani celebs, it was a blessed year — especially new parents who are grateful for their little bundle of joy.

Many renowned celebrities stepped into parenthood this year and they couldn’t contain their excitement as they shared the news with their fans. Let’s take a look at some of these celebrities who became parents:

Arij Fatyma

One of the few actresses who embraced motherhood this year, Arij Fatyma moved to Canada after tying the knot to Dr. Ozair in 2017. She keeps in touch with her fan through her blogs and has even started her own YouTube channel.

Arij Fatyma took to social media this year to announce that she and her husband had a baby boy. The baby, Isa, was born on 13 May this year. The little guy even has his own Instagram account.

Shaam Idrees and Seher (Froggy)

Pakistani-Canadian Youtubers, Shaam Idrees and Froggy also became parents this year. The couple tied the knot in December of 2018 with a Nikkah ceremony. The official wedding event took place in July 2019.

Soon afterward, these Pakistani celebs announced that they’re expecting a baby. The two documented their journey on YouTube and welcomed their baby girl, Sierra Idrees on 29th February of this year.

Moomal Khalid

The actress tied the knot with Usman Patel in December of 2017. She took a break from showbiz to focus on this new phase of her life. On January, Moomal shared a few pictures on social media to show that she and her husband are expecting a baby. She welcomed her firstborn, a son, into this world and decided to name him Mohammad Salah.


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Sarah Razi

Actress Sarah tied the knot in October of last year to her cousin, Umair. Afterwards, she bid farewell to showbiz to fully dedicated herself to her marriage.

Sarah Razi’s sister, Arisha Razi, took to social media to share the big news that her sister became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Sarah’s daughter, Mirha Umair, was born on 30th August of this year.

Sanam Chauhdry

Actress Sanam Chauhdry also became a mother this year. She took it to social media to as she experienced the joys of motherhood.

To share the big news with her fans and followers, she posted a family photo with her husband Somee Chohan and their newborn son. The couple named their child Shahveer Chohan.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Khan


The popular celebrity couple welcomed their beautiful baby boy Mustafa on 30th July of this year. One of the most talked about couple in showbiz, Hamza and Naimal tied the knot last year in August.

Fans noticed changes in Naimal Khawar Khan’s appearance after she posted pictures of her sister’s wedding. The couple then shifted to the USA, where they had their child. These two Pakistani celebs always post cute family pictures on social media.

Sanam Baloch


The news of Sanam Baloch’s motherhood was a pleasant surprise for all of her fans and followers. The last time fans saw Sanam on TV was when she bid farewell to her popular morning show. After that she only made one last appearance in the hit drama serial Khaas.

However, fans were saddened to learn that the actress went through a divorce. Fortunately, Sanam has moved on and married someone else in close family ceremony without sharing any details. The former actress only confirmed the news when she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

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