Aamina Sheikh Reveals Her Mystery Man After Getting Married [Pictures]

They look so good together.

aamina shiekh wedding

Popular Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh finally revealed the mystery behind her cryptic post on Instagram.

The Cake star shared a few wedding pictures on her social media to announce her wedding celebrations.


On Saturday, Aamina shared a picture of wedding rings with the caption ‘Bismillah’. Fans and followers of the popular star started speculating the meaning behind the cryptic post, eager to find out the story.

However, the Jackson Heights star now finally has settled the pot she stirred. The cryptic Instagram was to reveal that Aamina is married again.


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Aamina shared her exclusive pictures with her new husband on her Instagram, just a day after posting a photograph of the wedding rings. She started her announcement with a ‘Bismillah’ post, after which she posted the pictures with rings.

Then on Monday, she shared pictures with her new husband.


Everyone knows that Aamina’s 14-year marriage to actor Mohid Mirza ended last year. The two have a daughter, Meissa, together. The five-year-old Meissa was also part of the lovely wedding post.


Aamina followed those posts up with a special message about family.

“Life’s greatest blessing. A group that dreams, laughs, plays and loves together. Those whom you can always count on. Always present, not only in good times. The most precious gift.”

Many popular celebrities like Saba Qamar, Adeel Hussain, Nadia Hussain, Sunita Marshall, Minal Khan, Zara Noor Abbas, Momal Sheikh and others took to Instagram to congratulate the Cake star on her ‘new beginning.’

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