Is Aamir Khan Getting Ready for Ghajini 2?

Aamir Khan is prepping up for a role.

Aamir Khan is on a diet and people are jumping at the possibility of him doing a sequel to Ghajini.

When the actor mentioned that he was in a diet for a particular film role. Aamir didn’t mention what film but everyone assumed it’s Ghajini 2.

It has been 10 years since Allu Aravind of Geetha Arts and Madhu Mantena created Ghajini. The film starred Aamir Khan as the hardcore hero with dementia and Pradeep Rawat as the antagonist ‘Ghajini’.


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Ghajini was a Box Office Hit

The film rolled in 100 crore rupees at the box office back in 2008, when it was released. Based on the fact that the film-makers registered a film titled Ghajini 2, speculations may be more that just wishful thinking.

While the original film was in Hindi, the sequel has been registered as feature film in both Hindi and in Telugu.

Many South Indian films are in Telugu (one of three languages that dominate South Indian cinema). That’s only fitting since the female lead of the original Ghajni was Asin.

“The titles have been registered primarily in Telugu and Hindi. Ghajini is a cult film in the sense that anyone today with a short-term memory loss is often referred to as a ‘Ghajini’. But then it is not clear whether the makers have approached director A.R. Murugadoss who had directed the film or Aamir Khan to be a part of it. We have to wait for the official announcement.”

So far Aamir Khan has not confirmed if he will be a part of Ghajni 2. Jiah Khan was also in the first film but the actress died in 2013.

via Deccan Chronicle