Aamir Khan’s Next Production To Be Launched on TV

He’s now producing his first movie for TV.

Aamir Khan is also producer and while that’s not exactly breaking news, he’s now going to make movies for television, not just the cinematic screen.

In a Twitter message, the artist revealed that his project Robahu Roshni will be released on television January 26, 2019.


Aamir Khan is no stranger to the world of broadcast media production with his television program Satyameva Jayate. The actor clarified that his project Robahu Poshni was not an episode of his social issue reality show Satyameva Jayate. 

According to Aamir, the project is a surprise for fans. We’re already surprised he’s producing television content.

Aamir Khan also mentions that the story of the movie was very close to both Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao. Perhaps that is why the actor believes that:

 ‘It has to hit the heart for it to work’ or ‘dil par lagay gi tabhi baat banay gi’

Star Plus Productions will co-produce the movie with Aamir Khan Productions, which is owned by Aamir Khan and his wife. There is no news of Aamir being cast in the film.

The movie will be aired on both Star Plus and the Star Plus subsidiary Hotstar.

The project is being directed by Svati Chakravarky.

It is being speculated that the dominant presence of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon is what fueled Aamir’s decision to distribute this film on television.

Based on the title Robaru connection are being made to Aamir’s film Rang De Basanti, which had a song titled ‘Roobaroo‘ as well.