Abuse of Power: Family Gets Harassed By Police Officers in DHA, Karachi [Video]

When will our law enforcers learn basic decency and ethics?

On Sunday, the police personnel in Karachi proved yet once again that they do not deserve the uniform and badge that they have. In another case of exhibiting poor judgement, a family was allegedly harassed by policemen at one of the poshest areas in the metropolis, in Defence Housing Authority’s (DHA) vicinity.

Here is the footage of the police-highhandedness that was caught on camera:


Harassment or Law Enforcement?

The video shows a private vehicle stopped for no apparent reason in the middle of the road by policemen at Sunset Boulevard.

Unknown to the police at the time, a female passenger caught the entire incident with her cellphone camera.

As you can see, first the police officers surrounded the car, with one of them ordering its driver to come out. The driver demanded to know under what pretext was he stopped.

The police told that they need to have a word with him. They said that an Inspector General (who was not named) wanted to have words.

It was during the time the female passenger in the car also demanded to know what was the issue and why they were pulled over.

Things escalated as both parties indulged with a war of words. The police, in a bid to flex their authority,brought a 4×4 double cabin SUV in front of the hapless citizens’ car, completely blocking it.


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Recorded on Camera

This act made the woman in the car come out with her mobile phone, recording the high-handedness being employed by the cops in Pakistan’s biggest city. The police first took her phone away, and as onlookers poured in, the personnel decided to leave the scene.

Fearing a public backlash from the gathering crowd, one policeman returned the phone and then escaped the scene of the commotion.

This isn’t the first incident of its kind. Karachi’s cops have been in the news for hounding couples many times before. It is hoped that the Sindh government and the police higher ups clamp down against this menace and only take action in the true spirit of the law.

Written by Lens Staff


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