Actor & Comedian Farrukh Shah Passed Away

This year has really been the bearer of bad news. Just today, beloved stage artist and comedian Farrukh Shah passed away.

GNN reported that the comic has passed away. According to details, Farrukh Shah’s last rites and funeral prayers will be offered after Maghrib prayers.

It has not been revealed where the funeral prayers will be held.


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Based on accounts from the comedian’s family members, Farrukh Shah suffered a heart attack which proved fatal.

The actor contributions to stage are numerous. He is amongst comedians that are trying to keep the art-form of stage acting and stand-up alive.

After spreading happiness and sharing laughs the comedian met an untimely end.

The stage artist was part of GNN’s television show ‘Taroon Sey Karein Batein‘. He was part of the show’s comedy crew that would play various characters and enact funny scenarios.

He was also a part of GNN’s other comedy productions such as ‘Joke Dar Joke


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