Indians Groove to PPP’s Famous Anthem ‘Dil Teer Bija’ in a Club

Power of Good Music

Divided by borders, Indians, and Pakistanis have found a way to unite virtually on several occasions thanks to the internet. Recently, Pakistan Peoples Party’s Dil Teer Bija anthem was played in an Indian club. The video of people vibing on this upbeat melody at Hyderabad’s club went viral all over the internet.

Check it out!

Shabana Noshi’s famous song is being loved across the border as well.

This isn’t the first time Pakistan’s music is sung or danced to by Indian fans. Millions of Indians and Pakistanis have connected the two countries in a way they have never been able to before. Despite the past’s unhappy history, Indians have overwhelmingly accepted Pakistani music.

The younger Indian generation’s love of Pakistani bands has done what even politicians find difficult. The song proved yet again how music transcends boundaries.

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  1. Where can we have this kind of fun in Pakistan? I am coming from Bradford,UK for a brief visit.