Adnan Siddiqui Tries To Clear The Air On Meeting With Former PM Nawaz Sharif

Adnan said that PMLN is the sitting government that is the reason he went to them

Adnan Siddiqui received severe flak on social media from the netizens and PTI supporters, who were threatened to boycott his film Dum Mastam following his meeting with PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif in London. The Mere Paas Tum Ho actor tried to clear the air by explaining why he interacted with the PML-N chief in the first place.

Adnan turned to his gram and uploaded a detailed video reasoning as to why he met the former PM shunning all the rumors against him.

Siddiqui denoted the meeting as unplanned. He said he was in London for the promotions of his film. The ace star further said that he was apprised that the cabinet had also arrived before his arrival to meet Nawaz and was asked to give his perspective, so he did.

He went on to say that there was no hidden agenda behind meeting the former PM.

 “We talked about film policies, and I called for an increase in budget for upcoming movies”

The Ye Dil Mera actor said that PMLN is the sitting government that is the reason he went to them if it was PTI or PPP he would have had a meeting with them.

For the people who are boycotting his movie, Adnan Siddiqui wrote to them

“As for those who have decided to “boycott” my movie and dramas, I’d take that in my stride. I welcome both bouquets and brickbats. Now if everyone is done trolling me for something that I haven’t done, I would like to go back to acting. Prayers for everyone who uses their virtual anonymity to strike at others”

The actor set social media abuzz when word spread he met with the exiled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Despite the video, netizens had mixed reactions some of them bought it and others still bashed him spewing hate over the actor.

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