Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan Accused of Treating Employees Like Slaves

A anonymous ex-employee shared his horrible experience working at AnM Closet.

An ex-employee of Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan has taken to social media to express their terrible experience working at the showbiz twins’ fashion brand, AnM Closet. The employee, whose identity remains anonymous, shared their ordeal in a written note that has gone viral all over social media.

From accusations of copying other fashion designers to selling cheaply made attires at a high cost, the latest scandal for Aiman and Minal’s fashion brand comes from within their own company.

The showbiz sisters are being accused of holding back salaries and allegedly treating their employees like slaves.

According to the note, the employee has worked at AnM Closet for over a year but has never received their salary on time. Currently, this employee is owed six months of salary. The disgruntled employee further alleged that both sisters treated their employees like slaves and disrespected everyone.

aiman minal

The note quickly spread across various social media platforms, leading to outrage among netizens. Many people expressed their support for the ex-employee and criticized the sisters’ alleged behavior towards their staff.

Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan are exceptionally talented showbiz divas. The famous twin sisters have been working in the industry since their childhood.  The two have made quite a mark on the industry with their radiant beauty and skills.

The popular sister duo is not just actors but entrepreneurs as well. Both Aiman and Minal have their own fashion brand. The two capitalized on their immense success and fame with their business venture AnM Closet. The fashion brand features a wide array of stylish outfits for everyone.

Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan

As the news spread, several media outlets reached out to Aiman Khan and Minal Khan for comment. However, the sisters have not responded to the allegations made by their ex-employee.

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