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Al-Karam Studios Takes Down Kurta Design Over Alleged Plagiarism [Updated]

Coincidence or mistake?


Recently, Alkaram had unveiled a new collection for its winter collection by MAK. However, there was one design that took the internet by storm.

If you’re a K-pop fan, you’d know that the Korean boy band released an album called  Love Yourself. 

But how can a kurta be related to a Korean boy band album?

Take a closer look at this kurta. Does the design on the border look somewhat familiar? Can’t figure it out yet? Here’s another hint:

Only a true K-pop fan would recognize this instantly from the 2017 album’s cover.

Apparently, Alkaram copied the design of the new K-pop album. Its no wonder that BTS fans had been calling them out for plagiarizing the design.

Never mess with the BTS fans.

Al-Karam faces the heat

Fans have been calling out Alkaram, resulting in a huge backlash against them on Twitter.

It seems like the designer of this kurta is a BTS fan as well, but did this person even realize that he/she won’t be able to get away with it?

Taking inspiration may not be a bad thing as long as you completely change the design and not copy it as it is.


One of the fans went as far as investigating this madness and found out that Alkaram claimed it to be an original.

While the other fans jumped into this matter as well, Alkaram later claimed that they weren’t aware of the similarities between the two designs.

Good News!

Well here’s the good news. Alkaram took action against this and took the kurta down from its stores and website.

Alkaram also released an official statement stating:

Alkaram has shared an official statement with Images regarding the matter.
“Thank you for pointing this out,” said the brand. “We have removed the outfit in question from our e-commerce portal and are in process of withdrawing from stores. Moreover, the designer responsible is no longer associated with Alkaram Studio.”



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Al-Karam Studios Responds

The fashion house responded to the controversy regarding plagiarized designs in a press release. Here’s what they have said:

“Thank you for pointing this out. We have removed the outfit in question from our Ecommerce portal and are in process of withdrawing from stores. Moreover, the designer responsible is no longer associated with Alkaram Studio.

Alkaram remains committed to respecting designs, authenticity and originality, and will continue to do so to the best of our abilities.”

Written by Dua Khan


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  1. Disapointing report; I still think that Kurta was more beautiful than the original design. What people are showing off as the cover design of that 2017 album, was improvised and used on the dress. I doubt that with such false alarms, designers might be afraid to use a “rose” as it might be called “not originally designed”….

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