Tone-Deaf: Pakistani Fashion Show Plays ‘Hamd’ And People Are Furious [Video]

People need to be more considerate of religious sentiments.

Pakistan Fashion Week 2019

Alkaram is being bashed for using a hamd (an ode to God) as the background music for Pakistan Fashion Week 2019. People are calling out the brand over showing disrespect, notwithstanding the hurt to religious sentiments they have caused by their act.

Here’s what happened

While models for the brand Alkaram are walking the ramp the hamd ‘Allah Hoo‘ is being sung as the background music.

INot even the theme of Alkaram’s collection was rooted in culture or religion, so people are not sure what was the need to use that hamd.


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It was completely avoidable and people are well aware of how polarizing this action is.

Not a good look for Pakistan Fashion Week

People are also calling out Pakistan Fashion Week 2019 organizers over this faux pas.They are demanding a public apology over this fiasco.

Truth is even if they do apologize incidents like this will continue till people are more sensitive towards other people.

But you know, there’s actually a proper way of celebrating hamds. And we have one perfect example of this.

Have a listen to Atif Aslam’s Wohi Khuda Hai here, and you’ll see what we mean:

While he recited the hamd to instrumental music in the background, 5 minutes in, the music goes quiet. This was deliberately done so that Atif Aslam could recite ‘darood‘ with the sobering respect it deserves.


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This is the perfect example where people realize that some things are bigger than just going after crass commercialism. That is a lesson Pakistan Fashion Week has yet to learn.

We hope organizers and brands are more considerate towards religious sentiment in the future.


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