Cannoli Cafe’s Manager Says He Was Not Insulted [Video]

Owais, the cafe’s manager speaks out in a video interview.

Cannoli Cafe Soul

Owais, the hotel manager from Cannoli Cafe has spoken up after the video went viral. In the video, the owners asked him to speak in English, however, he said that it was not made to insult or embarrass him, but it was only for ‘fun’.

After the video went viral, netizens came out to support Owais and were ready to cancel Cannoli and its owners. Talking to a media outlet, Owais was asked about the incident and how it got so much attention on social media.

He said that he was happy that so many people supported him. However, he was not being abused at his workplace. He also said that the video was just for ‘fun’ and his employers didn’t intend to humiliate him. Let’s take a look at the video.



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Owais talks about his employers

Owais also said that his relationship with his employers is just the same as in any other place. He said that he has worked at the cafe for 10 years and has always worked honestly. Furthermore, he said that the working conditions aren’t bad.

When asked if he would leave the cafe and go work somewhere else as many other places have offered him jobs, he replied that he’s worked at Cannoli for 10 years and will continue to work there with honesty like he always has.

You can watch the video here:


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