Ali Safina Wonders Why Bilal Ashraf Is Cast in Movies [Video]

It’s not what you think..

Recently Ali Safina voiced that he wonders why actor Bilal Ashraf is cast in movies. Now we’re all wondering what he meant and why he said that. Here’s why he said that about a friend.

Recently Pakistani celebrity couple, Ali Safina and Hira Tareen made an appearance on ‘The Couple Show’ hosted by Hina Altaf and Aagha Ali. On a segment of the show, Aagha Ali asked Ali Safina who’s one actor which makes you think, ‘why is he is cast in movies?’.


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Ali Safina responded by naming a friend, Bilal Ashraf. He explained that although Bilal is strictly a movie star, he didn’t like his role in his latest movie, ‘Superstar‘.

“He is a very good friend of mine and I hope he won’t mind it. He is Bilal Ashraf. Bilal is such a good friend of mine and he is often seen in movies. The movie in which he played the character of an army man was really good. But in the movie, Superstar in which he came shirtless, I just thought that it’s not for you.” said Ali Safina

There aren’t many Pakistani films released each year. Yet, it’s a fact Bilal Ashraf has been in a film every year since 2016 with the exception of 2018.

Aside from that, the couple talked about how they met and more on their ‘opposites attract’ romance and marriage.


Ali Safina & Hira Tareen’s Daughter Steals The Spotlight [Pictures]

Hina Altaf and Aagha Ali teamed up to host ‘The Couple Show‘ on Aaj Entertainment. The show features various celebrity couples. DJ duo Ali Safina and Hira Tareen have been going strong for years now and have an adorable daughter together.

While both are actors, Hira is also a beauty vlogger. While Hira was last seen on the television screen in Khaas, Ali Safina had quite a moment first as ‘Salman’ in Qarar and later as ‘Miskeen’ in Chupke Chupke.


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