Ali Zafar Addresses the Scarsdale Controversy Saying It’s All Down to Tarbiyyat

“No matter what schools do, a BIG responsibility falls on the parents’ shoulders”.

Actor and singer-songwriter, Ali Zafar shared his thoughts on the recent Scarsdale School incident in Lahore.

Pakistanis were left horrified when video clips of a young girl subjected to over 40 minutes of torture by her seniors went viral on social media last week.

ali zafar
Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar addressed the issue as soon as he saw the viral clips on his Twitter feed. The Dear Zindagi star was left shocked by the incident but felt that the girls (the bullies) deserve a fair chance at life.

He went on to state that “the issue of bullying needs to be addressed”.

In a series of tweets, Ali Zafar recalled his own personal experience with bullies. He shared his thoughts on what schools and teachers can do to identify signs of bullying. Zafar wrote,

Clear policies against bullying should be established. Teachers and staff should be trained to recognize signs of bullying, create a school climate that encourages students to report instances of bullying they observe or experience.


Ali zafar

Ali Zafar further added that people must deepen their “understanding of the mind of a bully and the psychology behind what motivates them, in order to properly address it”.

ali zafar

Lastly, Ali Zafar called out the parents of the three girls, Jannat Malik, Umaima Malik, and Noor Rehman. He stated that a big part of the responsibility for the incident falls on the parents and their Tarbiyyat (Education) of the girls.

Ali Zafar is one of many celebrities who have spoken up against the horrific Scarsdale incident, as Hadiqa Kiani, Ahmed Ali Butt, Osman Khalid Butt, and others have demanded authorities take strict action.

The video clip from the Scarsdale International School in Lahore went viral on social media last week as it sparked outrage nationwide with people demanding justice for the poor girl, Aleeha Imran, and for authorities to take strict action against the culprits; Jannat Malik, Umaima Malik, and Noor Rehman.

The disturbing clip was recorded by a male student who just laughed and asked one of the attackers to “smile for the camera”, while another girl cruelly kicked the victim.

Aleeha Imran’s filed an FIR against the three girls but due to their parents’ elite status, they were granted pre-arrest bail by the police.

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