Scarsdale School’s Female Students Torture And Bully Young Girl in Lahore [Videos]

“Shame on the school system, and their parents”.

A group of female students tortured their fellow classmate at the Scarsdale International School in Lahore. The disturbing clip was recorded by a male student who did nothing but laughed and asked one of the attackers to “smile for the camera”, while another cruelly kicked the beaten girl.

The video clip from the Scarsdale International School in Lahore went viral on social media today as it sparked outrage nationwide with people demanding justice for poor girl, and for authorities to take strict action against the culprits; Jannat Malik, Umaima Malik and Noor Rehman.

(Warning: The clip is highly disturbing, viewer discretion advised.)

According to reports, the victim is student of Scarsdale International School in Lahore, who was beaten up because she refused to drink alcohol with and informed her family of her classmate’s illegal activities.

In response, the girls, Jannat Malik, Umaima Malik, and Noor Rehman ganged up on the girl, cruelly beating her to the ground, and then torturing for some time at an isolated site on the campus.

The girl’s family had filed an FIR against the three students but due to their parents’ elite status, all three girls were granted bail immediately.

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Netizens are furious that such a horrible incident can take place at an educational institute as many criticized Scarsdale International School for their lack of security and monitoring. Others called out the girls’ parents for their pathetic upbringing.

One tweep shared the picture of the bullies on top of the girl, and wrote,

These are the most dirty faces of the elite class. All this is the result of the training of their parents. As parents are, so are their children. May Allah destroy these evildoers and their children. Arrest them immediately.


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  1. Scars dale
    Future feminists
    Where are chanters of toxic masculinity

    100 100 koray maro sb ko. Dekho in ki chekhain in k papa k papa ko b america mai jatin phir..

  2. This is the result of negligent parenting lack of security on school level, and a general degeneration of moral values from the society.
    This criminal behavior of the involved students should be punished severely and they should be sent to a juvenile facility.

    Charges should be brought gaianst the school for lack of security and adequate measures to address the criminal activity.

    Government should charge a heavy penalty from this facility and parents should be compensated heavily for the mental torture and physical abuse the victim had to bear.

  3. Pakistan is a power obsessed society. There’s no law, no decency and no God fearing. That’s what we can expect from the people with primitive mindset. I’ll not be surprised that soon these girls will be free from the accusations.

  4. Ustado k ustad elite pe teer chalate huay. Ustad ji aisa har school me hai bas video nae banti 🥲. So, i dropped this time waste culture

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