Alizeh Shah Steals the Sunlight in Baby Pink Dress

The diva was spotted soaking in the the golden sun rays and looked as fresh as a flower in spring.

Although Alizeh Shah has received a good deal of flak from netizens for shedding a few extra pounds and looking underweight, she continues to be carefree and impulsive. The pretty actress never pays any heed to negativity but does what she feels good about. After hitting her size zero goal, Alizeh Shah has been stepping out in her best style, and we noticed that she loves to doll up in simple yet elegant shalwar kameezes in her own modern way.

Her shalwar kameez looks are usually fun, lightweight, and eye-catching as she experiments with colors and textures, and always keeps her jewelry and accessories to the minimum.

Alizeh Shah looked like a Japanese porcelain doll exuding innocence and fairy-like charm in her simple pink chikan kari kurta. The actress loves incorporating pastels into her everyday wardrobe and is effortless in her styling.

The starlet surely is a natural beauty and loves to play with sunlight. Her rosy cheeks and Betty Boop eyes always amplify her classic doll-like beauty.

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