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Amna Ilyas Responds to Viral Clip of Her Insulting Aaminah Haq [Video]

The actress responds to criticism.

Amna Ilyas

Recently, Amna Ilyas came under fire after one of her old interviews went viral. The model-cum-actress was called out for making appalling gestures and fat-shaming former supermodel Aaminah Haq in an interview.

Let’s take a look at the viral video first:

Interestingly, this rather unflattering video came in response to Amna going after stalwart Ayeza Khan over endorsing fairness creams in a TV ad. Amna Ilyas has always taken a stance against them, though her critics think she might have bitten off more than she could chew this time.

Her antics raised eyebrows and in response to that, she later made a video denying her stance, saying “wo tou main hoon hi nahi” (that’s not me at all).


Amna’s remarks smacked of tone-deaf arrogance. As they went viral, netizens demanded that she publicly apologize for disrespecting Aaminah Haq.

As people were bashing Amna over her hypocrisy and double standards, she thought it was a good idea to raise concerns over cancel culture in another video.

Amna Ilyas responds

She starts off the video by yelling for her anda paratha and then went on to clear the air.

“The claim that I called someone fat two years ago is not true,” the Baaji star reiterates. “TV, media, bloggers – kindly ignore them all. I will tell you the truth.”

At this point, one would expect her to admit her fault and apologize for it, but instead, she proudly narrates instances from her childhood and proves that she has been a bully ever since she was a kid.

“We had a disabled cook Nauman, he had a limp – I used to call him loora Nomi, loora Nomi. I was 6 then. When my cousin had a daughter, I wouldn’t embrace her in my arms for two years, saying how pheeni she was (how dull her features were). I was 12 then.”

She continues:

“My school teacher had a speech impairment. I would often make fun of his stutter and stammering. I was 15 then. I used to insult my best friend for being too short, advised my bald neighbor to get a hair transplant, told my house help to fix her teeth and made fun of people for being too dark.”


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There’s more

“I have never called a single person fat in my entire life. I prefer to use words like elephant, bull or hippopotamus instead.”

Seeing these comments, it is easier for most to reach the conclusion that Amna is unapologetic. However, she does say that it was wrong of her to say those things when she was ignorant. She says that everyone is learning, and that applies to her too. She’s not a fan of cancel culture as well.

“In my recent video, I said I’m none of those things because it’s true. I am not, I used to be. No one enters this world knowing all the ethics, so please don’t tell me you all never said these things.”

She then addressed the elephant in the room. Turning her attention to Haq, she says:

“Aaminah Haq, I cannot change what I did. I cannot undo the pain I might have caused you – but I try to be a better me every day.”

We will leave it to the readers to decide whether her apology was genuine, or an attempt to explain her past antics. One thing is for sure though. These things can get pretty ugly on social media.

Ending off her video on a sarcastic note, she directed focus on the oily paratha and said,

“Such a fat paratha, it’s also burnt black!”


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Netizens Are Furious

Amna’s video didn’t fit well with most.  Many fans and critics alike feel that she has made it about herself with ‘that’s not me anymore’.

Amna Ilyas has a huge fan base and has a lot of influence on her followers. For someone who speaks out against colorism, we feel that Amna needs to do better.

Here’s what the fans are saying:


What about Aaminah Haq?

In a recent Q & A session with her fans, she was asked to comment on Amna Ilyas’ earlier remarks. Here’s what she said,

“We are all entitled to our opinions and that’s all one can say. The last time I met/interacted with her was almost a decade ago in Lahore. We haven’t communicated since and I hope she is well and living her best life.”


Well, so there’s that. What do you think?


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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