Amna Ilyas Sets Hearts Racing in Hot Black Saree

Forget the rules. If you like it wear it.

Amna Illyas, the stunning Pakistani actress, has left her fans speechless with her latest Instagram post.

The Baaji star took to the platform to showcase her stunning photoshoot in a black saree, and the results are simply jaw-dropping.

The actress captioned her post as,

Forget the rules. If you like it wear it.

Have a look at her pictures,

Amna wore a gorgeous dress by renowned fashion designer Mansoor Akram, her flawless makeup was done by Nighat Misbah, and her photoshoot was done by Hussain Zaidi.

The black saree, with its delicate draping and intricate embellishments, perfectly hugs Illyas’ figure, accentuating her curves and femininity.

The actress exudes grace and confidence in the outfit, captivating the hearts of her followers with her striking beauty.

Tum Mere Paas Nahi star’s sense of style and fashion is always on point, and this photoshoot is no exception. The actress expertly accessorizes the saree with statement jewelry, including a pair of shimmering earrings and a statement bangle.

Her hair is styled in loose waves, adding to the overall glamour of the shoot.


The post has been a hit among the actress’s fans, who have taken to the comments section to express their admiration for the actress.

Many have praised her for her natural beauty and effortless style, while others have complimented her on a stunning Photoshoot.

This latest post by Illyas is a testament to her versatility and diversity as a performer. From her powerful performances on the big screen to her fashion-forward photoshoots, the actress continues to captivate audiences with her undeniable charisma and talent.

Moreover, her shoot in the black saree is truly breathtaking and has once again proven that she is one of the most talented and fashionable actresses in the Pakistani Television Industry.

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