Sindh High Court Cancels Permit of LGBTQ-Driven Scrap Fest Event

Scrap the Scrap Fest!

The Sindh High Court suspended the license of a contentious festival named Scrap Fest on Friday. The controversial event was set to take place on Saturday, 4th February in Karachi’s Clifton neighborhood.

The honorable court has revoked the permit for the event on the petition of certain concerned citizens. Deputy Commissioner South had permitted the event.


A petition was filed in court to prohibit the event, which purportedly aimed to promote homosexuality under the guise of a music festival. The judge ordered that the celebration be halted immediately.

Citizens claimed that as an Islamic country, this sort of celebration violates the constitution by encouraging immoral behavior in our community.

In addition, on February 9, Deputy Commissioner South, SSP South, and other officials have been asked to appear in court. The court sent notices to Attorney General Sindh and the other respondents as well.

The Scrap Fest has been strongly criticized by social media users for encouraging homosexuality, with many calling for the event to be banned.

The event, touted as the first female-fronted LGBTQ-friendly rock festival, was hosted by Canadian-Pakistani artist Urvah Khan.

Urvah announced her comeback to Pakistan with a new live music series named Scrap Fest in 2017. Scrap Fest features rockers, rappers, singers, dancing acts, DJs, and virtual performances from Pakistan and across the world.

Last year, a diplomat attending the event was accused of harassment and was suspended. The year’s festival was slated for February 4 and transgender and underground performers were set to take part.

Maria B, a well-known Pakistani fashion designer, also voiced concerns about the Scrap Fest and requested that it be banned.



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