ARY Digital’s Bulbulay Gets Slammed For Racist Jokes Towards Pashtuns [Video]

Here’s what happened.

You’d think by now people would know not to make sexist jokes, but no. ARY Digital is under fire for a derogatory joke about Pashtuns.

While Muslims complain about Islamophobia, ARY is propagating the same kind of jokes in it’s hit sit-com ‘Bulbulay‘. The show not only used the stereotypical ‘naswar‘ (chewing tobacco) references for a Pashtun character, but they thought it would be funny to throw in some bomb and terrorist jokes too.


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Pakistanis complain about being portrayed time and time again that Hollywood and Bollywood portrays them as villainous terrorists. We at least expect Pakistani writers to learn from that mistake, but no. Making jokes about Pashtuns being terrorists doesn’t help their case.


We cannot ask others to stop vilifying us when we extend the same treatment to our own citizens. This infuriated many Pakistanis as they called for #BoycottARYDigital on Twitter.

Some demanded that the government make an example of ARY Digital to deter the racial profiling of Pashtuns on TV and in film.


People brought up examples of real-life Pashtuns we know and are proud of, rather than the racial stereotype television content creators stick to.


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All the backlash prompted Bulbulay actor Nabeel Zafar to issue an apology on behalf of the platform and television sit-com.

However, ARY Digital is yet to directly respond to the backlash or apologize.


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