As New Delhi Burns, Where Are Shahrukh, Amir, Saif and Salman Khan?

Almost 40 Muslims have died. Where are the Khans?

Muslims in India, recently in New Delhi, have been under attack by mobs. Policies made and laws passed by Prime Minister Modi have had a discriminatory effect on their own. Match that up with his incendiary rally speeches and his followers speaking openly about killing Muslims in the country. The end result is what has been on the news all around the globe – a coordinated attack on Muslims all over India that enjoys official support.

In the midst of this mindless yet very planned violence, we have got to ask. With all these vile actions going around, where are the Bollywood Khans?

Modi is known to stay silent as Muslims get hacked to death, their properties destroyed and so on. Evil as that is, it’s not hard to see why. After all, he comes from a Hindu extremist body, the RSS.

Even the police hold biases against Muslims in India. In recent events, zealous Hindus burned down houses, cars, and factories owned by Muslims, with police doing nothing about it. The death toll rose to almost 38. Most of the people identified were Muslims. Calls to the police were conveniently ignored.

To date, about 4 mosques were destroyed in the recent mayhem. To add insult to injury, authorities are more concerned with investigations against Muslim leaders such as Tahir Hussain, instead of the frenzied mobs that caused havoc in the capital city.


It’s safe to say that there have been some renowned Muslims working in the Bollywood film industry. With Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan, to name a few. We’ve seen a lot of social activism from the Khans in the past.

But this time? When their own people are under an orchestrated pogrom? What have been the response from the world-famous Khans? Let’s take a look.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has had a famous show called Satyemev Jayate. The show’s focus is to raise social issues like misogyny, honor killings, child rape and so on. But for the past five years or so, with riots against Muslims rising, Mr. Khan has yet to speak up against the system that perpetuates bigotry against the community that he himself belongs to.


Here’s what he is actually doing right now:

Salman Khan

Even Salman Khan hasn’t stayed away from social activism, despite all the allegations against him. Being Human Foundation, a charitable organization was founded by this Khan back in 2007.

With so much money that he allegedly has people signing his cheques for him, he has contributed a lot to the betterment of the society. But alas, he has no plans to speak for the betterment of Muslims in India.



Saif Ali Khan

That brings us to Saif Ali Khan, who not only has decided to play it safe but has also denied having any knowledge of abuse against Muslims.

In an interview with CNN, when asked about the intolerant and secular regime, he said he wasn’t sure it existed.


It actually took his fellow actor in Sacred Games to call him out over this:


Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, among the two Khans (Aamir Khan being one of them), has been threatened by the BJP numerous times for speaking against intolerance in the past. But the global superstar has yet to speak up against the on-going riots.

Here’s what one of the directors working closely with Mr. Khan said:

They are worried about their business, about their films getting adversely affected should they critique the government. What bothers me is that Shahrukh himself is an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia, where the first crackdown was unleashed by this government.

While all the Khans might play it safe, Muslims all over India have gathered around with lots of Hindus to spread the message of love and harmony.

It’s about time the Bollywood Khans speak up and use their influential power to support their fellow brothers in need.

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  1. They are Bollywood actors, and fit to act. Their job is to entertain people. Even in their Filmi Fights, the stunt men perform their scenes. So let them do that, or perhaps if they are sensible, by now, reading the writing on the wall, they maybe busy moving their properties to safe havens. After all they are humans, and have emotions, and a responsibility to save their families and kins. The top ones are almost close to their retiring age. the sensible move should be to migrate, while the sun shines, And wait for the silver lining, which may come with the emerging of a new nation, a new Pakistan, arising from the ashes of India . For thats the solution.

  2. They have sold their hearts to satan . They are selfish and only care about their ownselves. They will never say anything.

  3. They should be ashamed of themselves…and they call themselves hero…they can’t even come near being hero of people’s hearts…keep your jobs and your popularity but you will have to answer to the Almighty God one day…Allahu Akhbar

  4. Will never watch another movie ever again of these stars will campaign to stop Muslims around the world to stop watching bollywood n watch other country movies n soapies n hurt them where it matters most in their pockets. They are so scared to lose fame n fortune so they won’t even condem what’s happening to the Muslims. Every human has a right to speak out n take to the streets for government injustices. They don’t deserve to be burnt alive or butchered for standing up for their human rights. All you khans were always fake that’s you’lls speciality faking it all the way to the bank. Allah is watching n everyone around the world is watching you’lls heartles behavior. People around the world have a heart to speak even for animal cruelty you’ll won’t even speak for human life . Remember all the movies you’ll brought to the world cinimas exposing what India politicians are all about? Let me remind you fake heros “Riots pre-planned by government officials, burning, looting, murdering the innocent, raping the women and corruptions with government money and how they cover up make innocent look guilty make worshipers terrorists even if their not” so much more all this evil we believe exist till today in your hindustan that’s why you’ll portrayed it to the world. Some even true life stories that’s how evil n corrupt you people portrayed your government in movie after movie not forgetting portraying yourselves as saviors of the nation against rape wrongful detentions murder and the list goes on. All the while you’ll are real life nothings who don’t even care a rat’s tail about human life. Remember what’s said in Islam ” if you see something wrong stop it with you hands if can’t stop it with your Hands stop it with you mouth if you can’t stop it with your mouth think it evil in you’lls hearts that’s the lowest form of Imaan” Allah Hu Akbar Allah how mercyful Allah Ta’alah is? Allah Ta’alah has given you non deserving so called Muslims a way out just think it evil to retain you’lls Iman how beautiful is this Deen. n Allah knows what’s stops you’ll He knows you’lls ikhlas ( intentions) you will be judged by that on the day of Qiyamah.. As for Sharuk Khan once said something to this effect before his South African show tour that his biggest regret was being born Muslim. So I never doubt his feelings towards Muslims but the rest of the khans Islam is a joke no place for it in their way of life. Remember What modi has done to the Muslims Today and if you call yourselves Muslims then one day is one day but I guess that you people already know n that’s you’lls fear.

  5. Why are people targeting just call on the Khans ? Do muslims not pay tribute to the entire Bollywood clan.. they use their hard earned money over rubbish movies and songs that make a lot of directors and actors rich and famous.
    So why not demand Amitabh Bachchan or any other prominent hindu to speak to their masses against this hatred and massacre ?
    Muslims are always going to be victims no matter what their social standing unless they unite and walk on the straight path.

  6. Absolutely, they are hypocrites, rich and famous so the Muslim community in India suffer at the hands of these cult practicing selfless beings

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