Asif Raza Mir Makes His English Debut in ‘Gangs of London’ [Video]

This looks amazing.

Asif - Gangs of London

We finally got a peek at behind the scenes footage of ‘Gangs of London‘. And yes, we’re happy to report that Asif Raza Mir’s character in the British television series is looking quite interesting to be honest.

Gangs of London has been a much-anticipated series ever since its first trailer came out months ago. We have known for a while that Asif Raza Mir would star in the series.

In the previous trailer we can hear the actor’s dialogue;

“We are making enemies out of business partners. We’ve gotta find a peaceful solution to this”


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Now we finally get our first look at his character in a video about the making of the TV series. It really is only one glimpse as we hear Sean Wallace’s (Joe Cole) threat;

“Anyone not helping find dad’s killer looks suspect to me.”

The explainer sheds more light on the Tanhaiyan actor’s role in the gangster series. The British series is going to lean into themes of what it means to be family, even with all the gangster stuff thrown in.

As for the plot, here’s what we know so far. When the head of London’s most powerful crime family, Finn Wallace is assassinated, his son Sean Wallace, played by Joe Cole, looks into all his business partners.

That’s where we hear the meaty dialogue between ‘Sean Wallace‘ and Asif’s character in the first trailer.

“We are making enemies out of business partners. We’ve gotta find a peaceful solution to this.”

To which Sean replies;

“I’m not interested in peace.”


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A few days ago, the Muqabil actor’s wife Samra Asif Mir shared another clip from the TV series. The shot seems to have been cut from the trailer. As Asif Raza Mir’s shot cuts to the opening dialogue of the trailer.

“We’re born into a certain world. Some might think it’s brutal. I think it’s glorious,”

Gangs of London is a Sky TV series directed by Gareth Evans, Corin Hardy, and Xavier Gens. The series will start airing tomorrow at April 23rd.



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