Aunt and Niece Pair Posing as Same Sex Couple for Asylum Arrested at Islamabad Airport

So this just happened.


What a time to be alive in, when people are pretending to be LGBTQ to obtain a visa for the United Kingdom (a bad choice these days with Brexit and all). Reportedly, two women have ended up in jail for playing the queer card for political asylum and a UK visa. The incident happened recently at the Islamabad Airport.

The two were arrested in Pakistan rather than the UK for fraud. Pakistan’s Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) arrested a British national and her Pakistani niece for tampering with facts on their travel documents. The two originally hail from Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Pakistan.

Following their arrest, both women were shifted to FIA’s Human Trafficking Cell for further investigation.


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‘Same Sex Couple’?

The two women mentioned that they were a married couple on their marriage certificate. That marriage certificate was what put off an immigration officer at the Islamabad International Airport, leading to the arrest.

According to sources, the two women arrived at IIA’s immigration counter for International Airline’s flight 791 leaving for Birmingham. The immigration officer was alerted by the women’s declaration of marriage. Since same-sex marriage is not allowed under Pakistani law, the officer decided to act.

The immigration officer then alerted FIA as the women had also produced a forged marriage certificate.


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Pakistani authorities say they will now contact British officials, who ‘had been misguided into giving these women asylum‘ under the impression that they were a same sex couple.