Aussie Beauty Erin Holland Goes Viral With Her Fluent Urdu [Video]

At this point, the Aussie is a semi-citizen, given her love and appreciation of the culture.

Everyone’s favorite Aussie, Erin Holland won the hearts of Pakistanis yet again as she wowed fans with her fluency in Urdu.

In a video clip that has gone viral on social media, Holland, dressed in a gorgeously embroidered ice blue jora from Suffuse by Sana Yasar, can be seen reciting numbers from one to ten with ease, as well as some popular local phrases, thanks to the help of her colleague and fellow PSL commentator, Urooj Mumtaz Khan.

Fans praised Holland’s impeccable pronunciation and fluency in the language, which was better than most of our awaam. At this point, Erin Holland is a semi-Pakistani citizen, given her love and appreciation of the culture.

Erin Holland shared the clip on Twitter in which she recites the numbers as well as sang the popular song “Dekho Barish Ho Rahi Hai” by Anu Malik. She tweeted,

Urdu 101 with Urooj Mumtaz Khan🤣

Erin Holland continues to win over Pakistanis during her stay. She is currently in Lahore for the PSL playoffs. When she’s not busy covering all the action from Gaddafi Stadium, Erin loves to explore the city as she recently went sightseeing in the famous Walled City of Lahore.

Erin Holland is an Australian singer, television presenter, and former beauty queen. She is well-known for her charming personality and talent, having represented Australia at the Miss World 2013 pageant and performed at various music events.

Erin Holland

The Aussie beauty is the wife of Karachi Kings player Ben Cutting and has become a beloved figure of the Pakistan Super League. Fans adore Erin Holland for her charming personality, which is why we’re glad she is back to presenting all the action of PSL 8.

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  1. Yes she is and also very humorous along with Morrison. V love all the commentators and others who visit our country.