Ayesha Omar Reveals Her Plans for Having Kids

Progressive and impressive.

Ayesha Omar has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. She is an actor, singer, and activist in addition to being a host. However, she is currently single and her fans have been waiting for her to reveal whether she has someone special in her life. On the contrary, Ayesha Omar recently stated that she desires to be a mother instead.

The sassy Bulbulay actress revealed that she had previously not wanted a major change in her life as she has experienced a lot, including relationships, trauma, and sexual abuse, but now, she is fully prepared for a new chapter of life.

She stated that she would love to marry and have a child of her own but she also wants to adopt two children and is ready to become a mother.

I want to have a baby and want to adopt two kids.

Ayesha Omer is now 40 years old and her fans want to see her as a bride but she has bigger plans for herself.

Listen to what she said here:

Ayesha Omar is a YouTuber and actress, as well as a fashion icon and one of the highest-paid actresses in Pakistan. She released her first singles, Chalte Chalte & Khamoshi, in 2012. In 2015, Ayesha Omar made her film debut as the leading role in Karachi Se Lahore, a romantic comedy, followed by supporting roles in Yalghaar and Kaaf Kangana.

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