Ayeza Khan Shares Her ‘Super Woman’ Routine with Fans

Can you match her level of energy?

Ayeza Khan in yaariyan

Ayeza Khan is a household name in Pakistan’s drama industry. With her exceptional acting skills and mesmerizing looks, Ayeza rules the hearts of millions of fans not only in Pakistan but across the world.

The actress briefly quit the industry for a couple of years after tying the knot with fellow actor and childhood love Danish Taimoor. But now she’s back in a big way, with back to back hit dramas.

She is currently featuring in two super hit serials, “Maire Pas Tum Ho” and “Koi Chand Rakh.”

Ayeza Khan in Mere Pass Tum Ho
Ayeza Khan in Meray Pass Tum Ho

While there is now stopping the Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar-written “Mere Pass Tum Ho,” which enjoys a high ranking amongst the Pakistani audience, her other drama serial “Koi Chand Rakh” is proving to be a success as well.

Humayun-Ayeza in Mere Pass Tum Ho
Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan in Mere Pass Tum Ho


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Ayeza Khan is one tough cookie

Thanking her fans for showering so much love for her, Ayeza recently took to Instagram and shared her ‘Super Woman’ daily routine, which starts at 7 am and ends at 3 am.

”Honestly, waking up at 7am, making lunch box exciting every day, dropping Hoorain [elder daughter] to the school, coming back and waking up Rayan [son] and feeding and getting him ready and dropping him to my mom’s place and sometimes requesting her to come to my house in the morning and then having breakfast with my husband and leaving for the work.”

She continued:

“And in btw try to come home whenever possible and, monitoring the kids on phone all day and coming back to home and again feeding, bathing, choosing the princess or batman night-suit every night, listening Hoorain’s bedtime stories or phirrrrrrrrrr removing the makeup and dinner date with my favorite person and sleeping at 3 am and again waking up at 7.”


The “Pyare Afzal” star maintained that this hectic routine is tough to manage, but the amount of love and respect she receives from her fans give her the energy to continue.

“I love you all, and the amount of love I am receiving from my fans have made me the superwoman and gave me the power to work, to dream, and to make all of you proud.”

Woah! That’s an insanely busy schedule for a mother of two kids.

Share your thoughts with us on Ayeza’s everyday routine in the comments section.

Written by Raza Rizvi


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  1. Glamorizing this kind of routine as “unmatchable” is unintelligible for women like me who form a major chunk of society. I wake up at 5.30 am, make lunchboxes n breakfast exciting everyday, get ready myself n make the kids ready for school, reach for work after dropping kids to school at 8 am, work non stop at lectures till 1.30, pick kids up, come home, make lunch, feed them, teach them, take them for time out, make dinner, feed them, put them to bed, press the whole family’s clothes, clean the kitchen, n study for my Ph.D course work till 2 am, sleep n wake up again at 5.30 am. And THAT is what all my colleagues at work place do. Im sorry but I can’t digest THIS superwoman routine u just discussed in ur article.

  2. Ayeza and javeria and other showbiz celebrities are not ideal women not having rough routine we are doing more then them we are bound to meet the expenses they earned for extra ordinary luxuries if ayeza doesn’t want to do acting leave it similerky javeria was saying hum ny beri mushkil say gher banaya hai choty choty batcho ko chore ker batcho ko chore ka kam kerna kitna painful hota hai you guys can’t imagine

  3. A. A
    My nephew and cusion likes you much and post your pics on what’s aap (as a Dp) .And I also likes you ?but not like you in negative role?….

  4. Seriously ,what are they glorifying.All the mothers do that even way more than this and they do not have all the domestic aid available to all these rich so called superwomen.This comes naturally to a woman ,a woman by default is a multi tasker.

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