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Azekah Daniel To Star In Feudal Drama “Malal-e-Yaar”

She has a more vocal role compared to Balaa and Cheekh

Azekah Daniel

Azekah Daniel from Cheekh will be next seen in HUM TV’s Malal-e-Yaar.

Asad Jabal is heading the project with Azekah as Hooriya. Maal-e-Yaar cast the actress as a strong, outspoken girl.

Hum TV’s Malal-e-Yaar

Azekah is already shooting her next project.

Malal-e-Yaar follows a family which has benefited from being land-owning feudals. Despite their rather modern lifestyles, it seems that they haven’t adopted progressive values yet.


Hamza Firdous Returns To Hum TV with “Maalal-e-Yaar”

One feudal family is still nursing their age-old traditions but Hooriya (Azekah) is not having it. Unlike the timid Saba from Balaa and hesitant Haya from Cheekh, Malal-e-Yaar‘s Hooriya is not putting up with her family’s feudal traditions.

Humaira Babo and Zainab Shabbir in Malal-e-Yaar

Malal-e-Yaar also cast Seemi Pasha, Humaira Bano, and Zainab Shabbir. As well as O’Rangreeza famed Hamza Firdous. Guess we will see how Azekah Daniel performs after Cheekh.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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