Feroze Khan Finally Accepts Shaniera Akram’s Child Safety Concerns

“A father had to go through a lot here”.

The ongoing scuffle between Feroze Khan and Wasim Akram’s wife, Shaniera Akram, has created quite a hype on the internet. Neither of them is willing to stop the bickering and after four days, it is still under discussion.

Shaniera Akram once again tagged Feroze Khan in a tweet and pushed for child safety measures. She wrote in response to his “heard and ignored” response:

Ignore me that’s fine, but don’t ignore that your actions can have an impact on millions. Do the right thing


Stand up and protect the lives of children by promoting safety on our roads. Let’s work for the betterment of Pakistan not against it.

This time, the recently divorced dad of two replied politely and understood the sensitivity of the matter, he said,

Your text sounds much better to me now I would love to promote safety and welfare anytime anywhere. But taking a direct shot for not knowing anything? I wouldn’t wanna risk anyone out there with their own child like that is stupid, to begin with.

He ended his note with a confusing statement:

A father has to go through a lot here

For the unversed, After Shaniera Akram highlighted the danger of driving with a child in your lap, case in point, Feroze Khan with his son, last week

He read her social media outburst against him and replied in the weirdest way imaginable.

Feroze Khan later shared a cryptic video of an animal fighting with a human on his social media account and caption it absurdly:

Wasim Akram’s wife has also been backed by a number of celebrities who have appreciated her for raising her voice, including Ayesha Omar.

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