It’s Gone Viral: Pakistani Bride Carries Groom and Shatters ‘Mardana’ Stereotypes [Images]

“How every mommy expects the new bride to treat her son, like a baby?!😅💪🏻”.

A young Pakistani bride from Lahore broke desi stereotypes by picking her husband up in her arms on their wedding day. The clip of the powerful dulhan cradling her groom like a baby has gone viral and is setting new standards of female empowerment.

We’ve all grown up watching romantic Bollywood and Lollywood films in which women run off with the man of their dreams who would sweep them off their feet and carry them off into the sunset. However, this Pakistani bride decided to reverse roles for an adorable post-wedding photoshoot.

Wedding photographer Abdul Samad Zia posted the photoshoot on his Instagram with a hilarious caption that read:

How every mommy expects the newly bride to treat her son, like a baby?!😅💪🏻 P.s I want to know the location of her gym.🏋🏻

The bride certainly looked to be in shape as she effortlessly carried her man in her arms.

Netizens came up with some hilarious memes for the viral wedding photoshoot.



People applauded the Amazon woman for her strength and for setting new couple goals for newlyweds. Meanwhile, others were not too happy with the act. Perhaps, they were too heavy for their spouse to carry them.

Wedding goals are certainly changing with times as desi couples are coming up with new ways to express their love for each other. A couple of weeks ago, YouTuber Azlan Shah showed his love for his bride by gifting her a baby donkey.

We wonder what the next stereotype-smashing act will be, and we can’t wait for it!