Bella Hadid and Halsey Speak Out About the Killing of Mahsa Amini

Celebrities worldwide express their grief over the violation of women’s rights in Iran.

Bele Hadid - Mahsa Amini - Halsey

Celebrities worldwide called out police brutality and violation of women’s rights in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini in Tehran. Among those that spoke out are supermodel Bella Hadid and singer Halsey.

Often vocal about subjects close to her heart, Bella Hadid took to Instagram and shared her two cents on the matter. She posted a picture of the deceased 22-year-old from when she was in the hospital.

“Just wow. Rest in peace, Mahsa Amini,” she wrote in the caption. “You did not deserve this. Sending blessings to her family and loved ones.”

She reposted photos uploaded by photographer Amanda de Cadenet, who wrote,

“This is a devastating and shocking story of a woman who was allegedly beaten and killed for wearing her hijab ‘’incorrectly’. Mahsa Amini was taken by ‘morality police’ to be educated about the hijab and never made it back alive.”

“‘My body, my choice’ is not a monolith reserved for women of the west,” Halsey wrote.

Meanwhile, Halsey shared several Instagram stories addressing women’s rights to their own bodies.

 “Every woman deserves the right to decide if hijab is her path. Or if it is not.”

She also touched the issue of police brutality and how the victim’s relatives are demanding the release of unaltered CCTV footage, so that it’s clear to all what truly happened.

“Her family and activists are certain the death was caused by police brutality… I am devastated about this news and what it means for the activists erupting across Iran in response to this tragedy.”

The singer concluded with how the underlying problem is policing women. Whether it’s their clothing choices or their right to their own body.

“There are two simple concepts at hand: It is the choice of the woman. And no woman deserves to die at the hands of law enforcement for her personal expression of faith or lack thereof. Mahsa Amini had no choice. Not even the choice to live or die. The world is mourning her with great force.”