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Music buffs are in for a treat.

hadiqa kiani songs

Pakistan has produced many great vocalists. While Atif Aslam and Rahet Fateh Ali are synonymous with Pakistan, we do have many modern female vocal powerhouses too. One such example is none other than Hadiqa Kiani.

Hadiqa has produced some of the best Pakistani songs in almost every local language that you can think of. She has sung songs in more languages than any other Pakistani singer.

We love all her songs, given how much diverse her tunes tend to be. From Sufi and folk hits, to her former slow blues and R&B-esque type tunes, she’s done it all.

Here are the top 10 Hadiqa Kiani songs that must not be missed.

The Best Hadiqa Kiani Songs

1. Udaari

This is the OST for the social drama with the same name. While Udaari was a story of struggle against child abuse, this track is a motivational beat that compels us to keep fighting and fly high.

2. Kamlee Da Dhola

This track makes it sound like this woman’s sweet voice was just made to sing Saraiki. The softness of Hadiqa’s voice compliments the softness of the Saraiki dialect.

Not too mellow like Sindhi, and not too bass-hungry like most Punjabi songs, Hadiqa strikes the perfect balance here.

3. Bhit Ja Bhittai

When the softness of Hadiqa Kiani’s voice meets the subtle sweetness of Sindhi music, you get this track Bhit Ja Bhittai. Despite the mellow tone, the way the songstress delivers the sufi song packs quite a punch.

4. Dupatta

We never knew Urdu music could be so coy. Hadiqa Kiani’s Dupatta is tastefully playful

5. Chaap Tilak

A shout out to the Hindu community in Pakistan, this one’s for you. This song is Hadiqa Kiani’s attempt to preserve the overlooked parts of our pluralistic culture.

6. Is Baar Milo

Throwback to the 90s and slow love beats. Yes Haddiqa Kiani has dabbled in pop music too, but this is nothing like a 90s love ballad.

The track is actually an insightful composition on mental illness. The guitar rift by the late genius Aamir Zaki is amazing as well.

7.  Aaj Rung Hai

This track was actually created for a Satrangi campaign. However, its a good song that showcases Pakistani culture at its best.

Another tribute to a pluralistic Pakistan.

8. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Okay, the composition of this one isn’t that impressive nor are the lyrics. But since it has achieved cult status due to it being part of Zindagi Gulzar Hai’s OST, this one makes it to this list.

The drama serial is going strong and so is this song.

9. Boohay Baarian

This is the quintessential mellow Punjabi love ballad. One of the first tracks to Hadiqa’s multilingual conquest.

10. Kamli

Hadiqa Kiani has dabbed in sufi songs but this is by far her best creation. Its a throwback to when Coke Studio was producing good stuff.


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