Bhangra Dancers Celebrate Vaisakhi With An Irish Twist [Videos]

The beauty of multiculturalism!

Nothing screams festivity like ‘bhangra‘. The traditional Punjabi dance gets everyone together regardless of ethnicity. A group of Irish bhangra dancers seem to be making that point by busting bhangra moves to Irish Music.

Shamrock Bhangra, a group of dancers in Ireland, created a beautiful cultural fusion by performing bhangra to Irish music on St Patrick’s Day.


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The bangra performance is a display by multicultural people celebrating both their cultures. Ireland traces its roots back to the Celtic and Gaelic civilizations. These cultures were also huge on celebration and dance, from solo dances to the ‘Ceili‘, a traditional dance performed to Celtic music.

The music used by Shamrock Bhangra sounds like a combination of traditional Celtic music and dhool (Punjabi large drum) beats for their performance. Bhangra dancers Gurpreet Singh, Charnjit Singh, and Kanwar Singh choreographed the dance. They performed to music by the Irish band Jiggy.

The Irish Bhangra group told RTE News that their goal is to ‘spread the unique dance culture to a wider audience’. As well as give their growing community in Ireland a platform.


An added plus would be helping their kids ‘stay connected to their roots‘.


Celebrating Spring

Bhangra is performed during festivities but is traditionally known as a celebrative dance devised for the spring harvest festival ‘Vaisakhi‘ in the month of April. Shamrock Bhangra was set up in 2012 to celebrate this festival.


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A country known for its spanning green pastures, Ireland also has its own spring harvest festivals are called ‘Beltane‘ and the Spring Equinox before that. However the harvest festival, ‘Lúnasa‘ is celebrated in August. Much like Vaisakhi, Lúnasa is traditionally celebrated with Ceili dancing, like bhangra is a must at Vaisakhi.



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