Big Boss Inspired Pakistani Show ‘Tamasha’ Gets Spiced Up As The Players Start Fighting

. All players are locked up in a house for five weeks, compelled to abide by all the rules

The new Pakistani reality show ‘Tamasha‘ is the talk of the town lately due to its stark similarity to the Indian reality show Big Boss. The gist of the show and the patterns are the same as the Indian show which was also derived from the Hollywood reality show Big Brother. All players are locked up in a house for five weeks, compelled to abide by all the rules with distributed duties and tasks to perform in order to save themselves from elimination and to reach the jackpot.

Adnan Siddiqui is hosting the show and coping with all the players by visiting the house quite often. Just on the fourth day, things are getting to heat up between the players. The duties and house chores not being fulfilled properly are what causes the bitterness between players.

On the fourth night, the contestants who had the dinner prepping duty failed to make it in time which aggravated the dispute. Siddiqui has to plunge into the situation and ordered a kitchen curfew and called a halt on eating any meals. After the players were halted to eat any meals until further announcement they started fighting each other. Everyone turned on each other and started blaming one another.

Well, there is a lot of drama, controversies, and intense circumstances that are yet to come. stay tuned!

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  1. why was there a need to do this TAMASHA even?when all you have to do is copy Bollywood…we all can watch this stuff on Big Boss .I had a huge respect for Adnan Siddiqui but I don’t understand why he has even started this?we are Muslims and we have very strong roots of religion so are you ppl gonna show when and how ppl are offering prayers or just gonna copy that useless program and show how bad tempered and argumentative you are?

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