Birthday Girl Aima Baig Under Fire for Wearing ‘Revealing Clothes’ [Pictures]

People are not happy with her ‘revealing’ outfit.

Popular Pakistani singer and songwriter Aima Baig celebrated her 26th birthday this month. The beautiful singer took to her social media to share clicks from her celebrations with friends and family. However, people are not happy with what Aima is wearing on her birthday.

Aima Baig is one of the most trending Pakistani singers of late. The 26-year-old diva has won over millions of fans with her melodious voice and singles like “Malaang”, “Do Bol” and even “Te Quiero Mucho” for Velo Sound Station.

Initially, the young diva was known for her brief time on Dunya News’ show Mazaaq Raat. Aima’s work on the soundtrack for Lahore Se Aagey made her a household name. Since then, Aima has rocked the stage at every big music show including Coke Studio.


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Aima Baig Turns 26

The young singer turned 26 this month as she celebrated the event with her close friends. Even actor Shahbaz Shigri had a heartfelt note for Aima Baig on her birthday.

However, people are not happy with Aima Baig, particularly with her choice of wardrobe. The young singer wore a western style skirt with a floral tank top. Check out some of the pictures from Aima Baig’s birthday celebrations with her girl-gang:

While some people wished Aima “Happy Birthday”, others were furious.

“U need to cover yourself,” one netizen wrote in the comments.

Another wrote:

“Dar nai lagta maut se? Fame or peso k lye kis had tak jaogay?” [Aren’t you scared of death? What will you do to get fame and money?]”

There is a lot of backlash on Aima Baig’s birthday pictures as people think the dress is too revealing. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Ye sb kuch islam sy duri ki wajah sy hai. Modernism k chaker me loug kis had tk jaengy. Allah hidayet dy sb ko

  2. Aima is looking so pretty.
    All these poor haters are from suppressed backgrounds . If you give them a choice they will dress up same like Aima.

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