Bollywood Star Sushmita Sen Vibes To A Daniyal Zafar Track [Video]

Miss Universe even gave a shout-out to Danyal Zafar!

While he might be struggling to compete with his brother’s limelight, Daniyal Zafar has made a mark of his own in the music industry. He even made it onto Sushmita Sen’s playlist.

Sushmita Sen posted a video of a drive with her daughter Alisah in Mumbai. In the video, she mentions that they were listening to Danyal Zafar’s song Udh Chaliye on repeat.

The mother-daughter duo can be seen vibing to the song as they enjoy a view of the city from the car.

Miss Universe even gave a shout-out to Danyal Zafar, with a caption saying;

“The dancing lights, #sealink looked so festive and beautiful! The breeze, the drive, the open skies and Alisah’s favourite song on repeat! Thank you @rohit_bhatkar for introducing us to this song! #itsavibe Song: Udh Chaliye by @danyalzee I love you guys!”


When the Barwaan Khiladi star noticed the video, he responded with as much love. He commented on her post saying;

“Omg! What! No way! Couldn’t be happier knowing y’all are vibin’ to the track and it made its way to add to such a beautiful experience y’all seem to be having! The drive, the breeze and the open skies! This was exactly what I dreamt for the track to do and you’ve made that dream come true! Thank you so much! Honoured beyond what words can express!”

Daniyal Zafar

This led the Bollywood star to then appreciate his comment saying;

“The man himself! What a beautiful message, forever cherished jaan meri! Your voice… this song… and it’s all heart vibe! What a blessing to have the power to connect people and their dreams beyond geography! MashaAllah. Stay wonderful!”

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