Boney Kapoor Opens Up About Sridevi’s ‘Accidental’ Death

The Indian filmmaker is finally ready to talk about his wife’ mysterious passing in 2018.

Bollywood filmmaker Boney Kapoor has broken his silence for the first time since the untimely demise of his wife, the legendary actress Sridevi.

In an emotional interview five years after her tragic passing, Kapoor shared previously undisclosed details about the night when Sridevi was found dead in a Dubai hotel room bathtub in 2018.

Sridevi, often hailed as India’s first female superstar, was just 54 years old when she passed away while attending a family wedding in Dubai. Her death sparked widespread shock and grief among her legions of fans.

In the interview with an Indian media outlet, Kapoor addressed the intense scrutiny and questioning he faced following his wife’s tragic death.

He stated, “It was not a natural death; it was an accidental death.” Kapoor went on to explain that he had refrained from discussing the incident until now because he had cooperated extensively with the Dubai police during the initial investigation, which eventually cleared him of any wrongdoing.

He recounted,

I had decided not to speak about it because I spoke about it for almost 24 or 48 hours together when I was being investigated and interrogated. That is how I got a clean chit from the Dubai police. In fact, the officers said we had to go through this because there was a lot of pressure from Indian media.

Boney Kapoor revealed that his late wife followed a strict diet regimen, which had a negative impact on her health. He disclosed, “She had a blackout on a number of occasions, and doctors kept telling her, ‘You have low BP (blood pressure), so do not follow a severe diet and don’t avoid salt.'”

Kapoor further added, “Most women believe salt increases water retention, that’s why you feel puffy. That was one reason. I would also tell her not to completely avoid salt. I would also ask her to include a pinch of salt when having salad.”

On the fateful night of Sridevi’s ‘accidental’ death, she was getting ready for a dinner date with her husband at a Dubai hotel. Tragically, she suffered a cardiac arrest before leaving her room, leading to her sudden demise. Boney Kapoor had flown in from Mumbai to surprise her with dinner.

After waking her up and chatting for about 15 minutes, he invited her for dinner. However, when she did not emerge from the bathroom for some time, he became concerned and eventually found her motionless in the bathtub full of water. Despite his efforts to revive her, Sridevi could not be saved, and the police were informed.

Sridevi’s passing remains a heart-wrenching chapter in Bollywood history, and Boney Kapoor’s  interview provides insight into the events surrounding that tragic night, as well as the challenges faced by the grieving husband in its aftermath.

Her legacy as one of India’s greatest actresses endures in the hearts of her fans and the industry.

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