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Boy Kills Father Over Not Giving Him Money to Play PUBG

Another unfortunate event in India.

21 year old kills father over PUBG

Mobile game PUBG has claimed another life in India and this time a 21 year old boy has beheaded his own father.

According to the Indian media, a 21 years old resident of Karnataka killed his father for refusing him money to reactivate his mobile internet package. The 21 years old, who has been identified by the name of Raghuveer, wanted money to reactivate his internet package so that he can play PUBG. His father reportedly refused him money and confiscated his mobile phone.

Raghuveer then cut his father’s throat before chopping off his legs. Seeing her husband cut into pieces, the wife of the deceased victim started shouting which brought their neighbors to the house.


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Another Killing Over PUBG Addiction

The people of the area informed the police regarding this unfortunate incident after which the murderer was arrested.

An officer who investigated the case told media that the deceased victim actually belonged to the police. And he was trying his best to get his son off PUBG.

“Shankrappa was working in the police department. He had been trying to get his son off PUBG for months now. Shankrappa had told his colleagues that his son was addicted to the game. Over the last few months too, he had advised Raghuveer to stop playing the game but the boy did not listen to him. Raghuveer was not going to college and was also unemployed,” the police officer said.

This is among the many incidents that have emerged ever since the release of PUBG in India. Just two months ago an 15 year old kid had killed his brother for not letting him play PUBG.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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