Brave Pakistani Polio Workers Fight Their Way Through Snow To Vaccinate Children [Video]

Watch, as these brave women trudge through waist-deep snow to do their job!

Pakistan’s polio workers have blown us away with their courage and resilience yet again.

Recently the Pakistan Polio Eradication Initiative’s Twitter account shared a video of polio workers trudging through waist-deep snow in order to ensure the children of Pakistan’s Azad and Jammu Kashmir are vaccinated.

“As extreme cold weather blankets Azad Jammu & Kashmir, these brave women make their way through several feet of snow to deliver vaccines to children during the ongoing end polio campaign,”


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Pakistan resumes its polio immunization campaign on Monday. The immunization efforts had been previously stalled due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that hit the world.

Currently, Pakistan’s polio workers are combating both climate and COVID-19 to vaccinate children in Karachi, Quetta, and South Waziristan as well as other areas of the country.

According to Geo News, an official asserted that all Coronavirus SOPs are being strictly followed by these volunteers.

“Sanitizers, masks and gloves have been provided to all polio workers. They will work according to the set SOPs, such as they will not directly handle any child, interact closely with the parents and spend minimal time at the doorstep.”

Officials are urging parents to vaccinate their children against vaccine-preventable diseases including polio.

“In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the parents must not fear as the government had taken all necessary precautionary measures as per the protocols of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the safety of children,”

Previously, one polio worker’s efforts were lauded internationally when Hollywood’s Ashton Kutcher shared a video of Irfanullah going against all odds to immunize kids in Swat.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only polio-endemic countries left in the world. The rest of the world has been polio-free for years now. Pakistan has reported 58 confirmed polio cases so far this year.


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