This Hollywood Actor is All Praise for Hero Pakistani Polio Worker

News of the national hero has reached Hollywood!


News of Irfanullah, the polio worker who braved snowstorms in the line of duty, has reached Hollywood. He’s been lauded by none other than Hollywood hearthrob Ashton Kutcher, who is all praise for the Pakistani hero.

The polio worker from Swat has gotten so famous that even Ashton Kutcher applauded his efforts in a Facebook post.

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher has become the latest celebrity to gush over Pakistani polio worker Irfanullah.

Irfanulah’s Heroic Efforts Towards Polio Eradication

Polio worker Irfanullah has been going the extra mile to eradicate polio in Swat.

Despite the waist deep snow, Irfanullah continued to do his job.

Footage of the polio worker was making rounds on the Internet and it found its way to the No Strings Attached actor.

Irfanullah has already been termed a national hero by the Pakistani public.

When word of this got to the Prime Minister Imran Khan, he invited Irfanullah and his team to the PM House. This invitation was the Prime Minister’s way of thanking the polio workers for their services.

Even UNICEF pitched in with the praise.

A Thankless And Dangerous Job

Polio workers have one of the most demanding and dangerous jobs in Pakistan. It’s not just the grueling work hours, these workers are often subject to animosity. In Pakistan’s long battle against polio, many personnel have been murdered.

Despite those dangers, polio workers like Irfanullah keep pushing forward.

Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a viral disease that causes irreversible paralysis. Since it is a viral disease, it cannot be combated with medication. Immunization is the only preventative measure against viral diseases.  Vaccinating children under the ages of five can control poliovirus in the country.

Pakistan’s Efforts towards Polio Eradication

Pakistan organizes a national polio eradication drive annually. For 2019 the anti-polio drive was launched on January 21. An estimated 39 million children under the age of five will be immunized in this drive.

For this, an approximate 260,000 polio workers and over 31,000 teams have been employed.


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