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Bravery In All Forms: Pakistanis Are Sharing Their Heart-Breaking Survival Stories on Twitter

This newest Twitter trend is going viral. And for a good reason.


Twitter is famous for igniting trolling wars, hashtag games, memes and a whole load of other verbal jousting activities.

What people often overlook is that like any social community, it can also be used for good. At the end of the day, people want to connect, communicate and collaborate. Sharing their life stories is one such way.

Sharing Survival Stories

Recently, one Pakistani Twitter user did exactly that, calling everyone to share their survival stories. The trend has proven to be quite popular, with hundreds of random tweeps pouring their hearts out.

This thread is proof that we may think people will dismiss our problems over their own. Or they may offer support and help each other overcome these hardships.

Dozens of people responded to the thread. The identities of these people were kept anonymous on their request.

Here are some of their stories:

Marriage Is A Serious Responsibility and Not Everyone’s Cut Out for It

We have heard of cases where marriages do not work out. And yet, if you are single, its hard to escape questions like ‘When are you getting married’, from just about anyone.

Marriage has been taken for granted in our society, so much that people fail to acknowledge that not everyone is cut out to be a parent. They not only end up being bad partners but worse parents.

A person that can come out a good person from horrifying parenting experiences and damaged childhoods are heroes.

Here is an account of one such person who survived an abusive marriage:

The Monsters Among Us

Child abuse is such a rampant issue in Pakistan. Matters are complicated further when you observe how we never teach our children to identify and call out problematic behavior from adults. These can range from inappropriate touching to molestation. Most children choose to stay quiet out of fear that they will cause ‘disrespect’. The perpetrator goes scotfree in such cases.

Survivors like this man are an example of how creating awareness against these attitudes is crucial. Only then can we eradicate this social evil.

Spurred by one example, many other stories of sexual child abuse got told. When people try to undermine this issue as ‘a problem with this generation’, that’s just brushing the issue under the carpet.

With all these stories from those who survived sexual abuse during their childhood, one thing becomes clear. This evil behavior is enabled not by lewd content but rather an environment where no one calls out sexual predators out.

Its a tragedy when these poor souls go on to become abusers themselves. However, this one survivor of sexual abuse chose a different path. She went on to become a teacher and now she’s educating her students about what their rights are:

As you can see, the sheer number of child abuse stories on this thread tells us one thing. We need to wake up.

Broken Families

Sometimes, tragedies threaten to tear families apart. Here is one such example:

This is the story of someone who grew up with a broken family. And they are not the only one.

Everyone’s Struggling in Their Own Way

One man talked about having to quit his education and later completing his studies with a younger lot.

Beating the Odds

Some of these stories were short, and involved people overcoming life-threatening mental and physical ailments:

Overcoming a Disability

Another story was about overcoming a disability. While some people are fortunate enough to overcome handicaps, others are not .

Even Muniba Mazari reached out to support some of the people on this thread.


This man’s journey to break out of poverty and become a self-made cricketer even moved Shoaib Mailk.

Plagued By Terrorism

The thread also brought to light instances of terrorism that people survived. Pakistan may be a safer place now but the hundreds of thousands of lives lost to terrorism are not forgotten.

Even Shahbaz Taseer pitched in.

And the daughter of the late Brigadier (R) Asad Munir shared her story.

Figured It Out

Sometimes just figuring your life out can be a huge challenge. Moist of us are not very self aware teenagers with a clear sense of direction on what we want and how to get there. We’re expected to settle down in our thirties when we’re just discovering who we really are at that point.

Conquering The Past

It’s hard getting over betrayal be it in a relationship, friendship or even family. People can be left shattered by the dishonesty of people who previously used to be the source of our self-esteem. Learning self-value and building self-esteem is a life long journey but some of us get there.

Some people have not yet emerged as survivors and are still fighting their battles.

This survivor stories thread shows us how Its now more important than ever to realize that everyone’s fighting their battles, and its not always apparent at first.


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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