Bulbulay’s Mehmood Sahab Takes Post-Death Selfie From ‘Jannat’

“The first picture taken from heaven because Pakistanis have killed me ☺️”

Actor Mehmood Aslam trolled his fans with a funny picture on social media. The Bulbulay star, who was declared “dead” by netizens shared a picture of himself from jannat (heaven).

With rumors of his unexpected demise making rounds all over social media for the past few days, Mehmood sahab decided to have some fun by “spooking” his critics from beyond the grave!

The actor took a selfie from what appears to be the famous Khewra Salt Mines after reminding everyone that he is indeed alive and well.

The veteran actor took to Twitter to share a picture of himself with his fans. Mehmood Aslam tweeted in Urdu,

The first picture taken from heaven because Pakistanis have killed me ☺️

It is to be noted, several media outlets started spreading false news about the veteran actor’s death. The hoax made everyone upset include his family, which prompted the actor to come forward and set the record straight.

Mehmood Aslam is a popular TV and stage actor. He has appeared in numerous dramas and films, and is known for his versatile acting skills, which has earned him many awards.

The veteran star has appeared in hit shows such as Andhera Ujala, Payas, Din, Janjaalpura. Fans know him best as ‘Mehmood Sahab’ from the hit comedy series Bulbulay on ARY Digital.

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