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Bushra Ansari Speaks About Her Divorce After Five Years [Video]

The actress recounts her views.

Bushra Ansari

Veteran actress Bushra Ansari has finally opened up about her divorce five years after calling it quits. Bushra spilled the beans on the sensitive matter at BOL Nights With Ahsan Khan at Bol Entertainment.

Bushra ended her marriage with Iqbal Ansari, the famous director-cum-producer, five years ago, but she always refrained from speaking on it in public.


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Speaking about her divorce at Ahsan Khan’s show, Ansari said she remained silent on the matter, fearing that her personal life may disturb fans who have a happy married life.

She reflected that many people looked up to her and sought inspiration in their lives just the way she took inspiration from several of her seniors such as Rubina Ashraf, Samina Ahmad, Saba Hameed, Badu (Badar Khalil) and Uzma Gillani.

“Their lifestyle was the kind we idealized for our families. Likewise, our family lives have always been projected similarly and been made an ideal of – so whenever there is a disturbance in that construct, people become disturbed.”


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Instead of getting angry, the ‘Fifty Fifty’ actress supported fans for getting involved in her personal life, saying that the audience is always an active part of a star’s life.

“I don’t blame them, I don’t get angry either, and I know that happens. For example, at one point in time, Jamal Shah and Faryal Gohar were a very admired couple. Similarly, Tahira Syed and Naeem Bukhari were a very handsome couple – so when these couples separated, people were heartbroken.”

She, therefore, refrained from sharing the reason behind her divorce on TV because it might dishearten her fans, Bushra concluded.

Written by Raza Rizvi


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