Bushra Bibi Says Only Imran Khan Can Help Pakistan Prosper [Video]

In a throwback interview doing rounds on social media, she clarifies some misunderstandings about her marriage with Khan

Bushra Bibi

Imran Khan tied the knot with Bushra Bibi in 2018. As the Prime Minister’s 3rd wife, she garnered a lot of attention. In a throwback interview that has been doing rounds on social media, she clarified some misunderstandings about her marriage with Khan. In addition, she also shared how Imran Khan has changed her life, and vice versa.

Bushra Bibi tied the knot with Imran Khan only 6 months before he assumed office. And that became the talk of the town for quite some time. Did she have anything to do with him winning? Has she changed Imran Khan’s personality?

Well, in throwback interview that has surfaced again, Bushra Bibi clarified some misconceptions. She said:


Look I’ve never seen the Prophet (PBUH) in my dream, ordering me to marry Imran Khan. This is a complete lie and whoever has said this – I can’t understand how he dared to use such words.


She also revealed that the news of her getting Nikahfied during her Iddat was also incorrect.


I must tell people that when I left my home, I completed my iddat before leaving the house. My ex-husband was a religious man. He told me that we should complete it at home, in the Quranic manner.


The 47-year-old also added that she married Imran Khan almost 6 months after her iddat. In addition to this, she also addressed the rumors that Bushra changed Imran Khan’s personality.


In reality, we both have changed because of each other. I showed him how strong one can become by loving Allah. And he showed me how a person changes by helping humans.


You can watch the full video clip here:



What do you think of these statements made by Bushra Bibi? Do you agree with her statement that only IK can lead Pakistan to prosperity? Share your views in the comments section.



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