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Canadian Theatre Shows a Horror Movie Instead of Detective Pikachu to Kids

Those poor kids.


Think that one movie genre that should not be shown to a bunch of kids, especially those who are very excited to watch Detective Pikachu – that ever-lovable cute, yellow Pokemon. As it turns out, some kids in Montreal, Canada ended up watching a horror movie instead, crying and all.

If that wasn’t the worst, apparently this movie featured a ghost who is ready to kill young children. Now who does that remind us of?


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We’re Not Kidding

This is actually what happened when some kids went in to watch the adorable Pokemon character Pikachu in action, at the Montreal theater recently.

At the end of it, there were tears all over as the screening of a so-called child-friendly movie petrified them all. The screening was witnessed and tweeted by one Ryan George.

Here’s how it went down:


Actually, the movie had nothing to do with Pokemon or Pikachu. According to this tweeter, the theater ended up playing “The Curse of La Llorona”, which is filled with effective jump scares.


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The kids, understandably, started screaming and crying, during which point someone must have realized their ‘mistake.’

We aren’t exactly sure why this happened. Was it intended as a harmless prank? Or was it a stunt to screen unaware children losing it for some upcoming horror movie?

No matter what the truth is here, its probably best not to play with the emotions of some kids who were all in excited to watch their most loved Pokemon character — the adorable little Pikachu in action.


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