Cannoli Lahore Tries To Clear the Air, But the Internet Finds it Deceitful [Statement + Reactions]

Cannoli Lahore claims it is ‘separately owned’ from the controversial Islamabad cafe, is it even half the truth?


Two names – Uzma Chaudhry and Dia Haider – have been in the limelight since yesterday. A video uploaded by the two owners of Cannoli by Café Soul [Islamabad] instigated rage amongst netizens. The ladies were seen bullying the restaurant’s manager over his English. And people took to their respective social media accounts to express their anger. However, Cannoli, Lahore claims it is a separately owned franchise. Are these two restaurants owned by different people? Or is this statement bogus? Let’s find out!

What happened?

Last night, a video took social media by storm. The owners of Cannoli posted a clip on their social media account. But people soon picked it up as a ‘tone-deaf’ and ‘prejudicial’ act. Of course, this was not the kind of attention they were seeking. So, the page took down the video.

To their dismay, the video went viral on social media inviting flak from the masses. Pakistani Twitter was not only outraged, but they also started the Boycott Cannoli trend [#BoycottCannoli]. The story has been picked up by many news outlets.

If you haven’t seen the video we’re talking about, take a look at it here:



Public Backlash

The hashtag #BoycottCannoli is trending on Twitter in Pakistan. Outraged by how Uzma and Dia treated their employee, people are now shunning the restaurant altogether. Some netizens have gone so far as to compare the owners with fictional villains.

Are you eager to see everyone’s reaction? Take a look at them here:







Cannoli Lahore gives out a statement

You can imagine the toll this news took on the owners of Cannoli. But to clear the air, the same restaurant in Lahore posted a statement. According to their post, the franchise in the other city is ‘separately-owned’. But we believe there might be some dishonesty in this statement.

Before we get into further details, let’s take a look at what Cannoli, Lahore posted:


Please be informed that the viral video is recorded by Cannoli Islamabad’s owners with no connection with Cannoli Lahore. Cannoli Lahore is a separately owned franchise and a separate business entity with its own management.


In addition to this, they also condemned Uzma and Dia’s actions. Let’s take a look at their original post:



Ironically, they also posted the same in Urdu. However, there’s one post that might prove this statement as false.


Throwback to Cannoli Lahore’s Inauguration

Some time back, Toni&Guy’s creative director Juju Haider [we are guessing Dia Haider’s relative] made a post on her Instagram account. Along with the picture of Uzma and Dia, she penned down the caption:


I’m so proud to announce the opening of Cannoli in Lahore on the 23rd of November. But I’m super proud of the two women behind the scenes. Dia and Uzma you girls rock! ♥️ #cannoli #cannoliinlahore #powerwomen



In trying to put out the fire, we believe that Cannoli is only adding more fuel to it. Do you think that the restaurant is lying about its connection? Or perhaps there’s some truth to the statements? Share your views in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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